Our Mission

Bella Faccia Incorporated is a fertile ground for artistic creativity; we strive to provide nimble support structures, effective workspaces, and technical and artistic assistance throughout the creative process for our customers in the visual arts, film, television, and theatrical production industries. We take pride in our company’s ability to expand our clients’ and employees’ creative capacities with each new collaboration and take pleasure in developing successful solutions in a challenging and competitive field.

As a company, Bella Faccia Incorporated offers a unique perspective on the important relationships forged between a company, its clients, and its employees. We are a highly considerate organization that values the happiness and well-being of our employees and clients. For our employees, we offer a fulfilling work experience with opportunity for professional, personal and creative growth. For our customers, we cherish the development of personal relationships. By listening closely to each project’s specific needs, we are able to utilize our company’s experience and extensive network of industry contacts and resources to achieve exceptional results. In brief, it is Bella Faccia Incorporated’s mission to spark imaginations, raise consciousness, and establish rewarding business relationships that recognize the humanity and dignity of all the individuals involved.

The Team


Paul Falcon


Having worked in theatrical and television production design for over 20 years, Paul opened Bella Faccia in 2000 to pursue more creative endeavors in a larger facility. Paul’s leadership, rich imagination, and creative spirit have been the driving force behind Bella Faccia.


Scott Zink

team leader

With two decades of production design and fabrication experience under his belt, Scott can figure out how to build just about anything in any medium. In short, Scott is the man.




Every good crew needs a pro wrestler / skilled craftsman, Pete has been dropping elbows on design and construction projects for years...and we're  glad to have him in our corner.